Deep Tissue Massage in Sayville

Deep tissue massage in Sayville releases the stress of Long island while getting you back into peak performance. If you recently suffered from an injury or ended an intense workout, Island Salt and Spa provides expert care in an invigorating environment.

What is the difference between deep tissue massage and a regular massage?

Deep tissue massage penetrates to the lower layers of muscle and tissue in the body. A normal session seeks to use the power of touch to release stress through a lighter touch.

The same oils and aromas relax you and prepare your mind and body for a more thorough experience. However, instead of the fingertips employed in the Swedish technique, elbow sand forearms place more pressure on specific parts of your body. The Wurm technique helps break apart the tension surrounding soft tissue adhesions.

Does deep tissue massage work?

Massages reduce swelling to get you back on your feet faster. Penetrating the lower layers of your muscle system improves circulation which allows vital nutrients and positive signals to reach areas affected by your last workout or a surgery.

Studies of massage show an ability to improve mood as well. Break through a week of stress and prepare to tackle the weekend or your next business trip. We all experience stressful events.

How does deep tissue massage work?

Our experts work on specific problems in specific parts of the body. Therapists help with low back pain, limited mobility, muscle tension, sciatica, and postural problems.

Lighter touch and oils prep your body for a more targeted technique. Direct pressure on joints, muscles, and tissue then helps release knots and tension. Returning your body to a more normal state has significant benefits including the promotion of cellular regeneration.

Does deep tissue massage hurt?

Contrary to the belief some people hold, this type of massage does not always need to hurt. Whether or not you feel pain depends on your tolerance and the parts of your body needing help.

We target explicit areas including those impacted by injury, disease, or your daily routine. Pain can result from pressure which targets the swelling pressing on your nerves. In other instances, we are releasing large amounts of muscle tension built around adhesions and other overworked areas.

The power of touch

In general, touch releases endorphins and other chemicals that improve mood. Not only will deep tissue massage help restore normalcy to your body but will help you get over the associated mental stress.

Relax and rejuvenate with the Wurm technique. Get back to your daily routine faster with improved cellular regeneration.

Deep tissue massage in Sayville

Deep tissue massage employs targeted and intense pressure to help release tension. This form of massage goes beyond the normal technique to help with more persistent pain and soreness.

Life on Long Island can be stressful and even dangerous. We help you get back on your feet with deep tissue massage. Book an appointment today through our simple and intuitive online portal.