NYSHIP Medical Massage- Long Island, NY

nyship medical massage

At Island Salt and Spa, we’re excited to share some great news with our clients who have NYSHIP insurance. NYSHIP is a special health insurance plan for people who work for the state of New York. It helps pay for lots of health stuff, like when you need to see a doctor, get medicine, or even get a massage for health reasons.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if you can use your health insurance to get a massage, the answer is yes! If you have NYSHIP, you can get medical massages without worrying about the cost because your insurance covers them. This is pretty cool because it means massages aren’t just for relaxation; they’re also recognized as a way to help you stay healthy.

This insurance coverage for massages is a big step forward. It demonstrates the value of and support from insurance companies for taking care of your health in various ways, like getting a massage. And we at Island Salt and Spa are ready to provide these massage services to people who have NYSHIP insurance.

So, for anyone with this insurance, this is your chance to enjoy the health benefits of medical massages without stressing over the price. It’s an awesome way to take good care of your health with the support of your insurance. We’re here to help you make the most of this opportunity and take care of your well-being.