Island Salt and Spa Offers the Top Massage Therapist Jobs in Long Island

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Are you seeking out massage therapist jobs in Long Island? If so, you’re reading the right blog.

Island Salt and Spa is looking for talented massage therapists with a passion for stress relief and a knack for making clients feel better. Working at our transformative spa allows you to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them find balance while soothing their aches and pains.

Those looking for massage therapist jobs in Long Island will be glad to know that Island Salt and Spa offers a supportive, caring work environment. 

When you thrive as our therapist, we flourish as a business, meaning we value what you offer as an industry professional. And we want to give you a space to provide wellness care as only you can–with passion, empathy, and expertise. 

Furthermore, we offer competitive compensation. You’ll also be encouraged to learn more and further hone your craft, allowing you to grow as a professional who helps us grow as a business.

There are many benefits to working at Island Salt and Spa. And there are many reasons why joining our ranks means you’re working in one of the top massage therapist jobs in Long Island.

Are We a Good Fit for You?


Wellness for our clients AND for our team is essential. As such, cultural fit is as important to us as it is to you. That means we must learn about you and find ways to harness your greatest strengths. 

Most importantly, we want to help you grow into the best version of yourself as a wellness care provider.

Now, realistically, we could scream to the skies about how we’re offering the best massage therapist jobs in Long Island. But that means nothing if our approach and philosophies don’t mesh with yours. There’s no point in trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. 

All the same, we take accountability in finding ways to make any skilled therapist feel at home.

Therefore, our team is open and accepting, expecting to learn as much from you as you do from us. That’s why we feel that Island Salt and Spa has the best available massage therapist jobs in Long Island. 

With that said, here are a few more factors in our favor that make a career with us so fulfilling:

We take a Mind, Body, and Spirit Approach to Spa Treatments

Our methods and mindset fall in line with the core tenets of wellness providers worldwide. 

Specifically, we provide clients with a peaceful and serene environment with their well-being and needs at the top of our minds.

All our treatments – whether massage or otherwise – are meant to indulge our customers. We offer that sense of living in a cloud, intending to nourish our clients’ bodies, spirits, and minds.

Our Himalayan Salt Rooms Help You Provide a Uniquely Effective Treatment Environment

Salt is in our name, so it’s naturally a huge part of our identity.

Sure, when you think about exciting massage therapist jobs in Long Island, a Salt Room might not immediately come to mind. But these two treatment approaches can go hand in hand.

To the above point, our salt treatments don’t begin and end with Halotherapy. We also offer a salt room massage–a transformative experience in our amber glowing Himalayan Salt room. Through this otherworldly endeavor, clients will fall in love with you, and you’ll provide the healing, enriching experience they desire. 

In other words, we equip you to succeed and truly make a difference in people’s lives, making us the top choice out of all the massage therapist jobs in Long Island. 

Why Else Does Our Himalayan Salt Room Help You Provide Better Massage Therapy?

With Island Salt and Spa’s Himalayan Salt room, you have an opportunity to bring something unique to your clients. Something they’ll never forget. 

The rejuvenation provided gives clients an extra hop in their step and a renewed zest for life. As a massage therapist, that’s the reason you get into this line of work.

But you might be wondering if this Salt Room therapy is everything it’s cracked up to be.

And we’re here to tell you our Himalayan Salt Room is the real deal for the following reasons:

  • Negative ions and minerals are integral to a healthy body–both can be found in high volumes in Himalayan salt.
  • In our salt room, during a Swedish massage, you help clients absorb these negative ions and minerals into their bodies. This happens because they’re breathing in the saturated air.
  • The Himalayan salt is said to help the body fight against fungus, inflammation, bacteria, and viruses.
  • By providing massage to a client in one of our salt caves, you’ll help defend against the following health conditions:
    • Bronchitis
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, and other skin conditions
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Chronic Respiratory Illnesses
    • Thyroid disorders
    • Cardiovascular problems
    • Compromised Immune Systems

Equipping our team with this life-changing treatment environment is a primary reason why we have the top massage therapist jobs in Long Island.

What Are We Looking for in a Massage Therapist?

We’re entirely confident in saying that we’re offering one of the top massage therapist jobs in Long Island. 

However, you’ll only benefit from joining our team if you have the traits to help you thrive in our atmosphere.

Read on and examine what we’re looking for in a massage therapist, and decide if Island Salt and Spa is your ideal work environment:


Qualities We Look for in a Massage Therapist

The best massage therapists are excellent listeners. They understand that all the information required to meet a client’s needs comes directly from the client themselves. There’s also a need for collaboration skills because you’re going back and forth with your clients (and sometimes other therapists). 

A great massage therapist knows that clients are more familiar with their bodies than anyone else, so the information they offer guides your treatment.

Furthermore, an excellent massage therapist is patient, empathetic, and understanding. They have an innate sense of how to make a client feel relaxed before the first massage stroke.

Critical thinking is also essential to being a massage therapist. Making a client feel better requires plenty of outside-the-box problem-solving, and that’s what we want from our therapists. 

Day-to-Day Duties

What will you be expected to do when working one of the best massage therapist jobs in Long Island?

Assessing a patient’s pain and tension is the first job you have as a massage therapist. From there, you need to promote healing by manually manipulating a client’s soft tissue. Your treatments should provide wellness-related benefits to clients, such as improving their range of motion, relieving pain, and providing relaxation. 

Types of Massage We Offer

Part of the reason we’re offering such incredible massage therapist jobs in Long Island is how many types of massage we offer. There’s room for different kinds of therapists with their own unique strengths, who have the chance to enhance their skillsets and finetune their techniques.  

Here are the types of massages you might perform as one of our therapists:


Couples Massage

Our massage therapists help couples revitalize their relationship through relaxation, indulgence, and serenity with a couples massage.

In providing this 55-minute treatment, you’ll harness an environment that helps these couples feel free, easy, and intimate. The goal is to cultivate a genuinely deeper connection between the two recipients.

Through your hands, you’re setting the stage for couples to leave our spa more bonded and connected than ever. 

Making such a difference in a relationship is one of many reasons Island Salt and Spa offers the top massage therapist jobs in Long Island.

Swedish Massage

Massage comes in many different shapes and forms because clients have many unique needs and preferences. In the instance of our 30 or 55-minute Swedish massage, the task at hand is sheer relaxation, improved circulation, and gently soothing sore muscles. 

Your goal as a therapist with Swedish massage is to make clients feel like they’re wrapped up in a soft, warm cloud.

And, with our heated table providing a more profound sense of relaxation, we lay the groundwork for you to shine as a therapist. After you’ve provided this transformative experience, clients will be asking for you by name every time they come back. 

Giving you the tools for success is why a role with us is one of the most appealing massage therapist jobs in Long Island.

Prenatal Treatment

The more types of people you can treat, the more you can hone your craft and grow your client base.

For instance, our half-hour or 55-minute prenatal treatment provides many benefits to moms-to-be and their babies. In a time that’s so crucial in a woman’s life, you’ll be there to provide a nurturing touch. 

A pregnant woman’s physical and hormonal changes cause muscular pain, joint soreness, lower-back stiffness, and pelvic tension. Plus, swelling in the hands and feet causes discomfort and a general state of unease. And you get to soothe those aches while cutting into the anxiety and depression symptoms that come with pregnancy.

Moreover, prenatal treatments put pregnant women in a better place emotionally and physically, improving newborn well-being and labor outcomes. 

When people ask us why our massage therapist jobs in Long Island are so fulfilling, our soothing treatments for pregnant women always come to mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

Here’s your chance to work into deeper muscle and fascia layers, affecting significant changes in your clients’ bodies. 

After 30 minutes or 55 minutes of this deep work, you’ll break down adhesions and knots, offering long-term benefits to your client’s range of motion and overall wellness. 

This type of massage is crucial for our clients dealing with injuries (or the lingering effects of one) or who work in jobs with repetitive movement. 

Again, different clients have their own unique needs. Deep tissue is more intense, requiring that you really flex your muscles as a treatment provider. 

Sports Massage

Being one of the most attractive massage therapist jobs in Long Island means our clients’ needs aren’t exclusive to relaxation and serenity.

With sports massage, you’re working with athletes (or very active people) who need their soft tissue manipulated. We proudly service a diverse clientele looking for this 30-to-55-minute massage, from higher-level athletes to weekend warriors. 

Through your hands, sports massage recipients will enjoy reduced recovery time, injury prevention, and improved flexibility. 

Whether you’re treating runners, body-builders, or academic athletes, there’s plenty of variety to keep your mind and body engaged.

It’s then worth noting that sports massage is the most customizable treatment, allowing you to put your own unique spin on meeting a given client’s needs.

Aromatherapy Massage

All the best massage therapist jobs in Long Island look at client well-being from all angles. 

So, while all the other massages we offer might seem like enough, we take it one step further with our aromatherapy massage. 

You’ll shine as a therapist, watching your client’s tension and stress, depression, and anxiety melt away with this 55-minute treatment.

Essential oils – made from flowers, barks, roots, peels, herbs, and petals – are at the heart of this massage. These will stimulate your clients’ senses and give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re providing a truly transformative experience. 

Hot Stone Massage

Offering top massage therapist jobs in Long Island comes with a responsibility to supply you with all the tools of the trade. To that end, our hot stones enhance your ability to deepen your clients’ muscle relaxation during a 55-minute massage.

From there, you can apply whatever treatment you see fit to give your client the best outcome and provide the most transformative experience. 

At Island Salt and Spa, we want our massage therapists to be excited about the treatments they provide. And with helpful tools like hot stones, you’re given every avenue to help your clients relax and heal. 

Island Signature Massage

Here’s another tool that illustrates why we’re offering the top massage therapist jobs in Long Island.

We’ve discussed our Himalayan Salt Room already. Still, it’s so important to us as a business, it’s worth bringing up again. 

With these 60 to 90-minute treatments, you’ll provide a transformative Swedish Massage where you get to use healing essential oils based on a client’s specific needs. You’ll also give cranial massage and exfoliating back scrub, adding to the luxury and extravagance of the Island Salt and Spa experience.

Why Else Does Island Salt and Spa Offer the Best Massage Therapist Jobs in Long Island?

Here, we’ll highlight some more perks of joining our team at Island Salt and Spa. And we’ll further elaborate on why we offer the best massage therapist jobs in Long Island:

You’ll Improve Your Own Well-Being.

At Island Salt and Spa, our focus on wellness and beauty is unparalleled. 

How does that impact our work atmosphere? 

Well, we practice what we preach, making this opportunity one of the top massage therapist jobs in Long Island. 

We don’t only value the wellness and beauty of our clients. Instead, we want our employees to experience all the benefits our clients do. After all, when our employees are centered, grounded, balanced, and their well-being is prioritized, they can better serve our clients.

Don’t get us wrong–we aren’t here to force any kind of lifestyle on you. It’s only that our positive, wellness-oriented attitude is infectious.

You’ll Become a Better Massage Therapist.

First, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a diverse clientele with varying preferences and needs. In and of itself, this benefit makes a role with us one of the best available massage therapist jobs in Long Island. You’ll be able to hone your craft and expand your skillset by treating so many types of people.

There’s also the benefit of working with a team of top-notch massage therapists. Island Salt and Spa’s culture is rooted in collaboration, and our employees are encouraged to make one another better.

In working with us, you can expect to grow and improve every day as a massage therapist. 

You’ll Work in a Supportive Environment.

We couldn’t possibly claim to offer the best massage therapist jobs in Long Island if our work environment wasn’t nurturing and supportive. 

By joining our team, you’ll work alongside a hardworking, passionate group of people who want you to grow and thrive as a treatment provider.

Searching For Amazing Massage Therapist Jobs in Long Island? Then Look No Further.

Let it be known: If you’re looking for incredible massage therapist jobs in long Island, you’ve come to the right place. 

Island Salt and Spa is the work environment for you to spread your wings as a therapist and provide clients with relaxation, well-being, and happiness. You’ve been granted the gift of healing hands, and we want to give you a chance to harness your abilities and make a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives.

Are you interested in this once-in-a-lifetime employment opportunity? Then contact Island Salt and Spa today. Or send us your resume. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!