Microcurrent Treatment in Long Island

Sometimes, no matter how religious our skincare routine is, it is not enough to counter the damage to our skin. Microcurrent facials are short, non-invasive procedures that use small electric currents to encourage skin cell growth. If you’re looking for microcurrent treatment in Long Island, check us out at Island SALT and SPA.

What is microcurrent treatment?

Microcurrent treatment or electric current facial treatment uses small electrical currents to stimulate and tighten your facial muscles, as well as promoting skin growth. It microcurrent facial came into use decades ago, as a medical procedure to rejuvenate atrophied muscles in the body. Aestheticians then used this same concept of microcurrent device for the face, to treat aging, saggy skin. A skin rejuvenation procedure long island.

It is fascinating to note that our muscles rely on electrical signals as much as chemicals. During microcurrent treatments, experts will pass small electrical currents through your skin that matches the human body’s own electrical frequencies. This helps to energize the body’s cells and improves the absorption of amino acids (protein building blocks). And, since collagen is a protein, so this will help with collagen production as well.

The benefits of microcurrent facials

Its proponents consider microcurrent facials to be ‘natural’ facelifts or alternatives to botox. It is not invasive or painful like cosmetic surgery, and the sessions are quite short. By boosting cellular activity in your face and facial muscles underneath, microcurrent facials make your facial muscles smoother and tighter. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and saggy aged skin.

In addition to improving wrinkles and fine lines, microcurrent facials can also lift jowls and eyebrows. Furthermore, it can reduce any pain in your facial or neck muscles. It also improves circulation in your face and neck area, allowing your cells more access to oxygenated blood.

Collagen is a precious protein in your body that is responsible for keeping your skin supple and firm. Its production reduces drastically after menopause. Microcurrent facials can boost collagen production.

At home vs. professional microcurrent treatment

You will see plenty of devices on the market for at-home microcurrent facials. However, if you don’t have experience in skincare technology, we recommend you do it professionally.

A qualified aesthetician can determine how to carry out the procedure according to your skin type. If you do it at home, you may do it wrong, and you won’t get the results you desired. If you’re looking for professional microcurrent treatment in Long Island, contact us or visit our website.

What happens in a microcurrent treatment session

First, an aesthetician will rub a conductive gel on your face (similar to the type used for ultrasound scans). This gel helps the electrical currents to flow smoothly into your skin. They will then place two metal rods on your face that will have electric currents flowing between them.

Generally, each facial lasts around 5 minutes, but you will need several sessions to see results. After around 10-12 sessions, there will be maintenance sessions every couple of weeks to maintain your look.

Are you looking for a painless, non-invasive alternative to a facelift? Microcurrent facials might be for you! At Island SALT and SPA, we offer microcurrent treatment in Long Island.