Day Spa in Long Island

You work extremely hard day every day, and you believe you need a break. You deserve a spa day and the pampering that comes with it. Visit Island SALT and SPA for a day of pampering. We are the most elegant day spa in Long Island, and we would love to spoil you for the day.

Day spa services

Day spas offer an impressive variety of services to their clients that allow them to indulge and relax. Here are a few that you can expect to find.

  • Massage therapy
  • Waxing
  • Facials
  • Body wrap treatments
  • Microcurrent treatments

Services can vary by the spa, so check with your spa of choice to see what additional treatments and therapies they offer. Our day spa in Long Island offers all these treatments to our clients.

Day spa vs. destination spa

Day spas are spa locations that one can attend for the day. A person can get a massage and a variety of other treatments done by trained professionals and then return home. There is no meal service or the ability to stay onsite and stay overnight.

A destination spa is a spa that an individual travels to for treatment and services. People going to a destination spa pay for meal packages. These spas also offer rooms and other forms of lodging so guests can stay overnight or for multiple days.

Benefits of a day spa

Day spas provide countless benefits to their patrons. Self-care is underrated, and day spas offer people opportunities to do just that. Massage therapy is a standard service provided in most day spas. The benefits of massage go back thousands of years, with the first information about massages found in records in 2700 BC in China. As travelers to the country experienced a massage, they exported this discovery back to their own.

Treatments found at day spas previously considered luxuries now get recognition for their holistic values. Skin treatments help stimulate blood flow, massages help release toxins, and facials help stimulate collagen production and other anti-aging benefits. These treatments serve as terrific complements to traditional medicine. Several conditions see improvement with the use of holistic therapies in day spas.

How much does a day spa cost?

The cost of treatment at a day spa varies greatly, and several factors are influencing the substantial price fluctuations. Location is usually one of the most significant factors in driving costs. Major urban areas cost more for most goods and services. Spa treatments are no exception. Other factors that cause prices to vary are the amenities in the spa and the training level of your technician. Rates are higher for technicians with more years of experience. Rates are also higher for longer and more complex services. A 45 minutes massage will cost less than a 90-minute service that is a massage and an algae body wrap.

Don’t wait any longer to taste what the best day spa in Long Island can offer you. Contact Island SALT and SPA today and see how we can pamper you.