Do you need to unwind and relax? Book a Swedish Massage in Sayville at Island Salt and Spa.

Why Get a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage therapy is used to relax the entire body.  If you have never had a professional massage before, a Swedish massage in Sayville is the perfection option. The classic Swedish massage is the most requested type of massage at spas and clinics.

There are several benefits of going to a spa is having a Swedish massage. If you have sore, tired muscles, this massage will help relax them. If you are stiff from sitting at your desk all day working on your computer, a Swedish massage will help you relax. Maybe you are tense, anxious, and having a difficult time relaxing, a Swedish massage therapist can help relax and allow the tension to leave your body.

The goal is to increase the circulation of your blood. This will increase the amount of oxygen in your system and allow the muscles to release toxins and tension.

What Are the Five Basic Strokes Used In Swedish Massage?

During your Swedish massage in Sayville, you will discover there are five techniques or strokes your therapist will use.

Effleurage means to skim or to touch lightly. This soothing, gentle, stroking movement is used at the beginning and end of a Swedish massage. It helps warm the muscles up.

Petrissage massage is a type of movement that uses pressure to compress your muscles. You will notice a kneading, wringing, and skin rolling. All of these motions are made with the padding of the palm, fingers, and thumbs. Knuckling is another form of kneading, but you use the knuckles in a circular and upward motion.

Friction is a massage technique that helps increase circulation, relaxes your muscles, especially around your joints where they are tight.

Tapotement is a rhythmic movement used in Swedish massage and typically done with the edge of the hand, a cupped hand, or the fingertips. Tapotement is broken down into five primary techniques:

  1. Beating: the fist is closed, and an area gently hit with the fist
  2. Cupping: the hand is made to look like a cup and then used to tap an area gently
  3. Hacking: uses the edge of the hand and gently “tap”
  4. Slapping: uses the fingers to gently slap the skin
  5. Tapping: tapping lightly using only the fingertips

Vibration is the technique used to rapidly shake specific muscles. It not the most common of techniques. This vibration can help soothe irritated nerves, loosen scar tissue, relax forearms, and stimulate glandular activity.

What Other Therapy Can I Add to My Swedish Massage?

There are several different services you can have added to your Swedish massage in Sayville. You can try a ten-minute mini foot scrub, 15-minute cranial massage, or even a Celluma therapy treatment. Your goal is to relax, enjoy being pampered so you can leave rejuvenated and ready to deal with the rest of the world. Nothing says, “I Love Myself” more than taking time out for “You”. Island Salt and Spa is the perfect place to unwind and relax.