Salt Room Long Island

Salt rooms are the hottest trend in spa treatments currently. However, holistic practitioners knew years ago the benefits of dry salt therapy. Contact Island SALT and SPA today to reserve your appointment in our salt room and experience the best salt room spa in Long Island.

What is a salt room?

A salt room is a room that has salt on the walls and the air. When you partake in salt room therapy (aka halotherapy), you sit in the room and breathe in the salt that is in the air. The Himalayan salt that comprises salt rooms possess health properties. This salt can help individuals with allergies, the common cold, skin conditions, and several other health conditions. The negative ions also draw toxins out of the body.

The salt in these rooms is different from the salt we cook with and put on our food. Table salt is filled with iodine and stripped of several of its natural minerals before consumption. The salt in a salt room is not. A person gets the full benefits of the Himalayan salts by sitting in the room and breathing in the particles.

Attire for your salt room experience

For treatment in the salt room, wear loose-fitting clothing that you can relax and feel comfortable in. Once you settle down in your chair, you do not want to worry about anything. If you want the salt to come in contact with certain parts of your body, wear clothing that exposes those parts. For example, if you want your legs to contact the salt, wear shorts.

If you have concerns about the salt coming in contact with your clothing, you don’t need to worry. The salts from the room will not harm your clothing. However, if you prefer to wear special attire in the salt room, that is acceptable. Speak to the staff about utilizing a changing area. For any additional question about what to expect, please give us a call and our knowledgable staff can answer your questions about the premier salt room spa in Long Island.

Risks to salt room therapy

There are no risks noted for salt therapy. Ingesting too much salt in our food is not good for our health. Breathing it in does not pose the same issues. Certain health conditions are not to undergo salt room therapy. Some of those conditions are:

  • Fever
  • Active contagious diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer

Speak with the spa and your doctor before salt therapy if you have any of those conditions.

Benefits of salt therapy

The most important benefit of halotherapy is that it is a natural detox method. The salt particles in the air serve as a natural way to clear toxins from your lungs. The salt used in these rooms also have moisturizing properties, so they replenish your skin with natural moisture. These treatments are perfect to use in conjunction with any treatments and medications prescribed by your doctor.

Contact Island SALT and SPA today to learn how you can book your appointment in the best salt room in Long Island.