Massages reduce stress, improve, circulation, reduce pain, and remove toxins. A massage in Sayville from Island Salt and Spa reinvigorates customers  after a long day. Our spa rejuvenates the mind, body and soul in the heart of Long Island.

The healing power of touch

Touch is one of the most powerful emotional triggers. Our senses were trained from birth to accept a caring caress, to relax and throw away our worries.

When you let our expert staff release knots and target overworked areas, your brain response. A release of endorphins and positive chemicals combats the stress-causing cortisol and adrenaline built up over the day. Dealing with tough clients, children, and minor tasks really do have an impact on the body that the power of touch helps counteract.

Reduce pain and soreness

The release of endorphins helps reduce pain and soreness as well. Endorphins act as a natural form of pain killer, numbing the impact of a hard workout.

Deep tissue massage can help overworked muscles repair faster as well. Researchers found a correlation between a massage and a reduction in inflammation which led to faster cellular regeneration. Inflammation reduces the rate of recovery by placing your body in fight or flight mode.

What are the dangers of inflammation?

Inflammation presses on nerves and even serves to signal a deeper disease. For some, it is a symptom of diabetes, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s and leads to unavoidable pain and suffering. When consistent, inflammation wears on joints and is bad for the body.

Massages help reduce swelling and lead to a healthier body. Anyone suffering from constant inflammation should consider adding massage to their treatment routine. We welcome anyone and everyone and try to accommodate as much as possible.

What are the benefits of a massage?

When you place yourself within the carefully prepared environment created by a professional therapist at a spa, you enter a world built to wash away stress and pain. From fragrant aromas to a gentle caress, we take care of the entire environment.

The results are noticeable. Beyond a reduction in stress and pain, massages improve circulation through a reduction in inflammation, eliminate toxins, enhance immunity, and reduce fatigue. Most people leave feeling energized, happy, and at ease with the world, ready to tackle their lives.

Couples massage in Sayville NY

We don’t just give you the benefits of touch but offer an experience with your significant other. Couples massages lessen anxiety and help to improve your relationship.

Bond with your loved one while feeling at peace with your environment. Increased affection improves the impact of our healing hands.

Massage in Sayville NY

Long Island bristles with energy. From the big city to Sag harbor, our lives offer enough stress. Island Salt and Spa, located in the epicenter, offers a chance to unwind, relax, refresh, and wash away pain and soreness.

Bring your significant other in for a treatment and experience the difference that the power of touch can make today. We accept bookings through our state-of-the-art website.