Massage in Long Island

Life on Long island is stressful enough. From the hustle of the Big Apple to the commute from Sag Harbor, we deal with more issues than we can count. Island Salt and Spa transports you to a world away from the daily grind with powerful massage in Long Island.

Why should I book a massage?

We learn to respond positively to a caring touch from the day we are born. As a newborn, our mothers teach us to react positively to gently placed pressure.

Endorphins and other helpful chemicals released during a massage induce a wave of relief. Feel happier, more relaxed, and less pain with the help of a session from one of our experts.

Benefits of a massage

The release of helpful chemicals induces many proactive responses within the body. These proven reactions lead to healthier and more productive lives without the barriers that anxiety, depression, and stress create.

Reduced inflammation leads to better circulation while the release of endorphins leave you feeling happier and refreshed. Research shows that those suffering from arthritis, depression, and other impairments greatly benefit from the power of massage.

Reduce soreness

Our muscles need time to recover after a hard workout or injury. Inflammation as a result of delayed onset muscle soreness occurs six to eight hours after starting a new activity and can last up to forty-eight hours. Surgeries and other ailments generate inflammation triggering our nervous system.

By targeting swelling, massages help decrease time to recovery. Cells receive vital nutrients with improved circulation. An increase in the number of positive signals reaching your muscles also forces them to rebuild faster.

How can I be happier and bring balance to my life?

The release of positive chemicals helps reset your life. Leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your life again.

A reduction in depression and anxiety lets you think clearly and tackle more. Confidence and attitude play a major role in our ability to achieve success. Allowing high stress to run our lives hinders job searches while making dealing with others more difficult.

Enter a caring and stress-free environment

We carefully tailor everything from the moment you enter Island Salt and Spa to create a sense of peace and comfort. From the aroma to our expertly provided treatments, our customers are in caring hands.

Massage works best when you are around those you love. We offer our services to couples, placing you in the most loving environment possible. Relax more and bond with your partner as we work out the knots.

Massage in Long Island

Life on Long Island can be chaotic. Whether a parent, an investment banker or both, life weighs heavily on us. Soreness and pain from exercise or disease further complicate the ability to reach our goals.

Adding a massage to our weekly routine restores balance to your life. Live a healthier life free from stress and worry. We work out the kinks to bring you back up to speed. Visit our website where booking an appointment at our beautiful Sayville location is easy.