Day Spa Sayville

Day spas and self-care go hand-in-hand. Schedule a visit at Island SALT and SPA today and experience our quality treatments. You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We are a top-ranked day spa in Sayville, and we can’t wait to help you.

Preparing for your visit to the day spa

A trip to the spa is about relaxation. Take these simple steps to prepare, so you do not encounter any stress.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to book your services. Be sure to make an appointment so you can get your preferred times.
  • Consider the gender of your technician. If you get a massage, think about if you are comfortable with a masseuse of the opposite gender.
  • Skip jewelry and perfume when you are there. It can distract your technician.
  • You are in charge. If a treatment doesn’t feel right or you don’t like something, speak up.

If you have any type of concerns about your treatments, call your spa. Our day spa in Sayville welcomes questions from our clients.

Tips for a first-time spa visit

If you are new to spa treatments, the visit can seem intimidating. There are a couple of things you can do to put yourself at ease. Arriving early is the first tip for first-time day spa-goers. This gives you a chance to check-in at the desk and ask the receptionist any questions that you need clarifying. This can help ease any concerns you have. Another tip is to not eat before your treatment. Spa visits work to release toxins in the body. That doesn’t mix with a full stomach.

The biggest piece of advice is for you to bring an open mind. Day spas practice techniques that are holistic by nature. These techniques are very different from our Western culture and medicine. Be open to trying something new and unconventional.

Spa etiquette

While each spa is different, the are some standard etiquette rules that extend to all spas. Please be mindful of these things during your day spa experience.

  • No cell phones or loud conversations
  • Be honest with the spa about the medication you take and allergies you have. Failing to do so can have health implications
  • Do not be late for your appointment. This interrupts the schedule for your technicians
  • Shower a few hours before your appointment. Shaving is a personal preference, but not do not shave if your treatment includes any types of salt or sugar scrub

Individuals spas set additional rules above and beyond these. However, these are typical in most locations.

Should you tip at a day spa?

Check with your spa about their tipping policies. There are spas with specific policies against it. In those cases, do not attempt to give the person performing your services more money. If the spa does not have a policy against it, then a tip is expected for your service provider. The standard tip is 15-20% of the cost of your total service.

Don’t wait any longer to pamper and treat yourself at the finest day spa in Sayville. Contact Island SALT and SPA today for your appointment.